Let’s Reverse Your Prognosis



An intense health-transformation immersion can accomplish in 60 days what might otherwise take 5 years of trial and error,  if you tried to do this on your own.  (if it ever even happened at all)

To radically change in a short period of time requires focus and intensity.  It is my philosophy that this level of focus and intensity MUST be done up close and personal – In a 1 on 1 fashion.  Breaking old habits and forming new ones takes time.  The duration of this  immersion is 60 Days.  Any shorter, and there is a greater chance that old habits still remain, and new ones are not yet ingrained. 

Have you ever thought that the only way you’d give up your favorite foods (that are terrible for you and you know it), is if someone were following you around slapping that cake out of your hands? 

I get it. 

What a Prognosis Reversal Health-Transformation Immersion does for you is give you confidence.  The first weeks can be the most difficult and you’ll need a powerful guide to ensure your success so you can move into confidence. Confidence in your ability to manage your own health.  Confidence in your body’s ability to function as it was originally designed / intended. 

Those food cravings that control you, own you, dominate you, seemingly make decisions for you – WILL BE GONE.

What this Immersion does for you is re-wire your brain and train your body to function in a balanced harmonious way.  As it was originally intended.

A Prognosis Reversal Health-Transformation Immersion can lower your fasting glucose levels by as much as 30-50 points, and have you well on your way to eliminating the need for Metformin or Insulin.

1.3 Reduction :

HbA1c Reduction

HbA1c improvement occurs simultaneously with prescription elimination

12% Reduction :

ASCVD Risk Score (Artherosclerosis Cardiovascular Disease)

Blood pressure, triglycerides, and 20 other cardiovascular disease risk factors will show significant improvement

Inflammation – 

39% reduction at one year of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation

Fatty Liver Disease

Significant reductions in suspected liver steatosis and fibrosis

30lbs Reduction  or 12% body weight 

Weight Loss

Average weight loss was more than 2x the threshold for what is considered clinically significant

A Prognosis Reversal Health Immersion can radically reduce your body’s level of inflammation.

Reverse Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:  

Radical Improvement in 7 Major Categories: 

  1. Inflammation,
  2. Leaky Gut,
  3. Insulin Resistance,
  4. Gut Micro-Biome,
  5. Increase in Energy & Motivation,
  6. Focus, Clarity and Cognitive Ability,
  7. Reduction in Body Fat % / Weight loss,  Increased Strength & Flexibility

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