VIP Home-Health Concierge



Antonio will evaluate all aspects of your health routine, as well as that of your spouse and child(ren). This includes customized lessons in: Healthy Cooking, Organizing your kitchen, Meal prep & planning, Managing cravings, Re-training your taste buds, Breaking old unhealthy habits, forming new empowering healthy habits, I can come to your office if you like, (or meet you for lunch away from the office) I will be waiting for you when you return from work. We will be working together morning, noon and night until your old lifestyle is but a distant memory, and your new lifestyle is simple and automatic.

You will get the 2 week Assessment, Life Changing Home Program activity and systems created to help you, tons of support from me for 3 months, by phone, email, Zoom and in person.
We will be working very closely together to help you create the results you want to see in a very short period of time.
There will be program reviews and activity updates of what you will need to make remarkable results quickly.

Pricing is for individuals for 90 days , (30 days remote before the in-home, 30 days in-home, and 30 days remote post in-home) but I can work with you for as long as needed.

There is an additional charge per each additional person in the household. The entire household MUST be onboard together – No Exceptions. It’s everyone or No-one .